Acquiring Unique Creations.

Danny's works range from 5" x 7" cards to 2' X 2' acrylic panes. They are available as single pieces or collections. Single piece prices range from $175 to $40,000.

Collections capture a particular period of development on a specific canvas. They come as either small (3 to 5 paintings), moderate (7 to 12) or massive (15+). Collections provide a beautiful and profound affect, showing the organic nature of the creative process over a snapshot of time. Collection prices currently start at $475. Compositions of various canvas sizes and types are available at custom prices.

Contact Noumena for the most current list of available works.
2' x 2' reverse painted
Finished on 3/07/06
Number 70 in this series
Each image shows a closer view of a specific region in the painting.
There are a seemingly infinite number of discoveries within each painting, images within images, scenes hidden in scenes.