Art That Transforms.

Danny Owens has conducted a vast experiment with his paintings and his life. He left the world of everyday to pursue a demonstration of the metaphysical, to find evidence that there is more in our existence than there is in mind.
The paintings you see on this site have in common a simple and profound fact – they are created from a place other than thought. It is rare in this world to encounter something that is free of meaning, or preconception, or the deterministic requirements of a thinking mind. But when we do, the effect is sublime.

To see Danny in action, check out a short video documentary of his work here.

Please share your thoughts, comments, questions and suggestions after touring this site. You can also arrange for a personal viewing or public showing of Danny's work. Call 817-343-3965 or click the contact link below to email.

Nothing conveys the power of seeing like seeing.